Improving people’s lives
through the effective use of natural resources


Effectively utilizing natural resources in their original state.
Research and development for commercialize sustainable products.


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Objectives of Sea Act

Sea Act Co., LTD aims to effectively utilize active ingredients obtained from natural resources and return them to nature as is.
Our company researches and develops materials that help maintain people's health and beauty and comfortable life by effectively utilizing ingredients obtained from nature without relying on new synthetic ingredients.
We believe that advancing such research and development will lead to true happiness amongst humankind.

Research & Development of Sea Act

Our company is conducting research and development of functional food and cosmetic ingredients through the effective use of natural resources, mainly including the microalgae "Aurantiochytrium" that produces odd fatty acids. Please contact us for research and technical support.


Research papers, Conference presentation, Joint research, Contract research, Patent, Literature.

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Company profile

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