• DHA・EPA Association Seminar “Role of DHA and odd fatty acid in Aurantiochytrium”, 2016
  • Development of functional ingredients using natural materials 
    Development methods that can be used in industry, development of anti-wrinkle components and application deployment seminars for functional products, 2018
  • Meijo University Odd fatty acid function and production by microorganisms, 2018 

Joint research

  • nstitute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), 2014
  • Hiroshima University Graduate School, 2018
  • Kobe Pharmaceutical University, 2018
  • Nishikyushu University, 2018
  • Kumamoto University, 2019
  • Meijo University, 2019
  • Saitama University, 2019

Contracted research

  • Cabinet Office Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program Technologies for creating next-generation agriculture, forestry and fisheries, 2014


  • Mixed fatty acid, 2016
  • Production method for triglyceride
    containing odd fatty acids or highly unsaturated fatty acid derived from microorganism, 2016
  • Medium for increasing the odd-odd fatty acid contained in cultured auranthiochytrium algae, 2017
  • Culture methods of labyrinthulea, 2017


  • Extend your healthy life expectancy! Introduction to functional fatty acids, 2018
  • Work style reform and R & D efficiency system for product development using natural products 
    “Work style reform” by R&D Department and how to proceed“, 2018