Research & Development
of Sea Act

Seaweed resources –
Discovery of new ingredients

Research & Development – Discovery of new ingredients obtained from seaweed resources (new carbohydrates)
We are developing ingredients that would prevent dry skin such as by applying seaweed on skin It is well known fact that when seaweed is applied on skin, it causes positive effects such as moisturizing skin.
There are some ingredients from seaweed that have been prepared to be applied on skin of which the structure has not been discovered. We are conducting research and development of revealing the structure of such ingredients that would bring cosmetic results and we are future promoting research and development of skin functions in order to develop moisturizing agent that offer high affinity for skin.

Microalgae new bioactive substance

Research & Development of creating new bioactive ingredients obtained from microalgae We have been able to specially culture aurantiochytrium, which is a type of microalgae grown only in nutrient rich water and we have succeeded in developing mass production technology to produce large amounts of bioactive ingredients (natural and rare ingredients) that humankind is seeking.
We hope that this will promote people’s beauty and contribute to people’s wellness.
Research & Development of microalgae Aurantiochytrium, which produces nutrients that support the origin of biological resources such as DHA, EPA and abundant amino acids is moving toward the next step that is to create and supply new bioactive ingredients that people are seeking.
Due to its unlimited effects, there is potential to improve a wide range of illnesses such as regeneration of various cells, contribution to activations, normalization of blood glucose level, diet, adult diseases and skin improvement!

Resin composed of natural products

By combining natural ingredients,
Developed the Naturally derived resin that is made up of all natural ingredients instead of synthetic resin
*It may be possible to develop a resin that does not cause natural destruction at all, does not use oil resources

Due to the fusion of natural ingredients,Consider alternative materials for plastic bags and plastics

Sustainable source regenerative medicine

Research & Development of ingredients that would contribute to medicine using sustainable resources We are working on developing in order to provide ingredients that are necessary for regenerative medicine.
We have developed ingredients that can be expected to maintain and proliferate stem cells even with trace components as the foundation of the regenerative medicine. By transplanting stem cells obtained from this component, we are aiming to contribute to medicine treatment that regenerates tissue cells in the body.
We are tackling new research and development such as producing ingredients that have an affinity for calcium in the human body by utilizing the pearl component contained in Akoyagai (pearl oyster), so that it helps maintain wellness.
We are also currently researching and developing high molecular components that can be used for beauty and health.

New health functional ingredient

We have discovered new active ingredients that are natural.
It is a valuable ingredient contained in many foods, and it is a new active ingredient that affects the health function of foods, and can explain the health function of foods.

Ceramide acquired from nature

Our research and development to naturally obtain Ceramide, a natural cosmetic ingredient Ceramide, which is the most important element to human skin, exists on the human skin surface.
We are working on extracting similar ceramide ingredients from nature.
By using ceramide obtained from nature that is very similar to ceramide in human skin, we are developing ingredients that are most excellent for cosmetic materials. We are developing materials that can improve clean and healthy skin conditions by mixing the ingredients in cosmetic products.
Moreover, by adding small trace amounts, we are creating functional materials that enables protection of skin and hair. It is possible to produce cosmetic products that are excellent in skin and hair improvement functions by mixing them into cosmetic products.

New anti-wrinkle and whitening ingredients

Sometimes materials obtained from nature could have biological activity on the skin and stable compounds could be found in spite of the fact that they are biologically active.
We are advancing in discovering substances that have special bioactive features so that would be utilized for skin improvement ingredients.
We are also researching and developing new bioactive substances from plant resources (plants) that have not been utilized in the past, extracting such biological ingredients in order to use them for skin improvement ingredients.

Development of a NEW VITAMIN A substance discovered in 100 years

Suppresses UV degradation, which was a disadvantage of vitamin A external use Development of UV stabilized vitamin A substance is completed.

UV stable novel vitamin A substances: the following compounds and their esters

The essence of traditional therapy

Traditionally, we succeeded in finding essential functional ingredients in materials that are said to improve joints.

We hope that the roots of traditional therapy will be found and provided to everyone.

Research & Development of preventative medicine and pre-onset preventative diet

In the near future, we expect that we will live in a society that we can predict the onset of disease prior to becoming ill.
Since diagnosis to predict onset of disease is still in its infancy, it cannot be approached by medicine. Similarly, we cannot respond to it by “suppressing the expected onset of illness”.
We are researching and developing medicines, supplement and food that we can use when we are in the pre-illness onset stage.
In other words, we are aiming to develop ingredients that can support a future when disease prediction is possible.