Objectives of Sea Act

Our philosophy is built on effectively utilizing natural resources in their original state. Our company conducts research and development in order to commercialize sustainable products that will improve human life. We believe that advancing such research and development will lead to true happiness amongst humankind.

Through technological development, we can potentially maintain people’s health by clarifying how we have benefited from naturally derived substances thereby avoiding the creation of new substances harmful to the environment. We will continue striving to create a society where people are healthy and live long lives. For example, we maintain the belief that establishing a healthy society, as described above, will be feasible in 1,000 years. We will continue striving to create a society where people are healthy and live long lives.

Our group companies have developed technologies to reuse organic solvents and we are moving forward with the business for recycling used organic solvents and helping in minimizing the burden on nature.

Moving forward, we will continue developing natural technologies that will enable us to maintain a healthy society. We also strive to establish an energy circulation society, which utilizes naturally generated energy in order to maintain health.

An ideal future consists of innovative research and development using natural resources. Development of preventative medical care, which prevent illnesses other than injuries, preventive diet food and cosmetics materials (in order to maintain healthy and skin and flawless skin) for the health of mind and skin The ingredients of such cosmetics have been sourced from nature and we have been developing materials that help us reconnect with nature. We are conducting research that enables us to develop better materials and products with new development capabilities – without changing the flow of natural circulation around the BC era.